Ice on the Rocks

We went on a SUPER-COLD backpacking hike and campout in the Talledega National Forest/Cheaha Wilderness.  A group of Philmont 2018 scouts and leaders hiked from the parking lot below Cheaha State Park down the Pinhoti Trail along the ridge.  Temperatures during the hike were 22F to 27F.  We witnessed areas of heavy frost in higher, colder regions that presented a beautiful winter wonderland to hike through.  At the Chinabee Silent Trail, we took the turn down the mountain (quite a rocky trail!) and finished the hike at the Cheaha Falls.  Total mileage for the hike was 8.3 and 9.3 miles for the two crews.

Winter Wonderland

A smaller group of younger scouts hiked from the Turnipseed Hunters Camp to Cheaha Falls and made fantastic preparations in advance of the Philmont crews.  They collected a large load of lighter pine stumps for fire fuel and got the backpacking stoves ready for cooking dinner.  We all enjoyed a hot meal of Philmont spaghetti and the warmth of the fire as the night temperatures dropped.  The overnight low was 14F!  Everyone survived and we hiked out about a mile Sunday morning to the warmth of the cars.