Our Troop stays busy year-round with monthly camping during the school year, fundraising in the fall with car parking for Alabama home football games, and summer camp and high adventure activities in the summer.


We take monthly excursions, mostly "car-camping", to regional sites.  Some favorite trips are to different Civil War battlefields, our annual "primitive camping" outing, and fishing or canoeing on area waters.  Each year we try to take at least one backpacking trip which includes a 1 to 2 mile hike for younger scouts and a parallel 4 to 6 mile hike for older scouts.  And each year we make a special trip such as snow skiing at Cloudmont Ski Resort near Chattanooga, TN  or to Camp Butter and Egg near Troy, AL for zip-line fun!

Car Parking

Troop 7 parks cars at University of Alabama home football games for fundraising.  We have parking locations near the Alabama Credit Union (at Anna Ave) and at St. Francis University Parish (811 5th Ave).

Our car parking activities pay for all of our troop's camping gear (tents, dining flys, cook stoves, lanterns, etc.).  Scouts and their parents that work at the car parks earn the scout's summer camp experience; last year all but one of our scouts had their summer camp fully paid by the troop.

Car parking also helps our troop participate in high adventure activities.  For those scouts working the car parks, our troop is able to help pay their way to Philmont or Seabase.

High Adventure

Troop 7 has a long history of high adventure treks to Philmont and Seabase.  These trips are largely facilitated through our car-parking fundraising activities.